A realistic review of Marvel´s series: Daredevil


Remember Statham? What he understands about authenticity?

Revolver, Snatch: Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels are great movies and quite authentic. So Statham knew what he talked about.

The fact that there is no thunderous blockbuster in your filmography leaves the “almost Oscar-winning” Mark Ruffalo free to say stuff like “… It is light weight?”. An arrogant statement, especially considering that Statham is a martial actor who can kick the mouth of the hulk for hours while quotes Freud with each stroke applied: Can be “lightweight” … but this right that the marvel, and movies action following this line are nothing authentic and unambitious.

And let’s take Daredevil to show how his statement is relevant.

Let’s just put it into perspective for those who were just born yesterday: here we have a story of the series and the relevant adaptations without which Daredevil wouldn’t have been the same. Of course, all of them Warner productions, pioneer not only in adapting comic books to the big screen, but also in adapting them into TV series. Having this material that preceded the creation of the series, it would have been almost impossible to make such a horrible mistake as that one of 2003.


Extremist fanboy will surely say one thing has nothing to do with the other. But the general public’s perception of the similarities among all the series is such that the most radical fans must witness some awkward scenes: “Isn’t this Batman?”, or “Yet another Arrow?”. Best I’ve heard so far was: “Cool. Now we have naked Batman (Arrow), Batboy (Gotham) and blind Batman (Daredevil)”. This is all due to the fact that everything produced before DD has Batman’s DNA and, ultimately, it’s all WARNER.

A possible synthesis of Daredevil series is that it can’t manage to be anything but “Batman Begins” in 13 episodes.



In one of the many excited reviews has cited Rotten Tomatoes as the biggest evidence that Daredevil is, indeed, a huge success. A terrible choice, if I might say, if we consider how the mentioned site works. Once it’s made by fans and some “real” critics, the percentage of positive and negative reviews is just disregarded in the “final considerations”.


Now that we clear here. Let´s give each episode a sincere review not inflamed by your inner fanboy, or by some banners in your website. Let´s just be critical here with the flaws of the first season, your sexism, your racism…all ripped out from a eighty vibe of story. And why we hope that, with the oriental characters that we know are in the second year, we can not include xenophobism characterization in the list.



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